Back to school!

And it’s back to school!  Friday was our first day with students and I’m excited about my new schedule.  There will be several firsts for me this year.  The biggest first is heading back to school as a mom…definitely a different perspective!  Jeron goes to an in-home daycare, a friend of ours who is a former junior high science teacher and he had a great week.  Guess the transition was easier for him!

The “second first” is my brand new classroom.  The history, science and math departments at BHS got a total remodel this year.  My room is HUGE!  Everything is brand new, and the kids love it as well.

I’m also teaching 7th hour this year, the last hour of the day.  I haven’t taught last hour in seven years, so that will take some getting use to.  My conference hours are both in the morning, and my day is broken up nicely in order to run copies, respond to parent emails and phone messages, etc…so I’m excited about that.

Another first comes with some crazy student excitement.  MTV’s “Made” has selected one of our students to “make over”, so they were in my classroom on Friday.  They will be back in September for a two-week stretch to finish filming.  So, needless to say, the students are happy for her and think it’s pretty cool that they might be on MTV come October.

After 14 years, I still love heading “back to school”.  As much as I loved staying home with my son all summer, I’m pumped for another fresh set of students and a new school year. Bring on the learning – let’s have a great semester Raiders!


About slfindl

Social Studies Instructor at Bloomington High School in Bloomington, IL. Lives in Normal, IL with her husband Jeff and son, Jeron.
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